Electro Swing Club Vol.1
27 May 2013 |

Nikola Vujicic

Nikola Vujicic
Pays / Country
Serbie / Serbia


Having been in the music scene for the last 7 years Nikola Vujicic is not a newcomer, spinning house and techno music all over Serbia since 2006 Nikola gained proper dancefloor reputation and crowd connection, this establishing himself as a skilled DJ who knows how to get the party started and make you move your hips with his hypnotizing beats. Naturally besides dj-ing he started producing his own tracks, trying to define his own groove and make a mark on the electronic dance music scene. His production consists of various elements of house and techno music, and his newly discovered love for Swing House gives this mix a unique feel and energy that is sure to make the people dance on all dancefloors.

Having played music in Germany, Nikola is climbing his way up and already having an interesting career, with the single « The Devil With The Devil » Nikola Vujicic became a part of Electro Swing community, the track reached 27th position on Beatport house chart. He is also a part of Electroswing Revolution and Electro Swing Club CD compilations. The remix competition for the Jamie Berry track « Delight » earning him support from purveyors of Electro Swing DJ Typoboy, Alice Francis and many more.